Welcome to the How To Guide section of the site.  Here you will find a variety of “how to” articles outlining the basic aspects of betting online.  These articles are meant for beginners who are just getting started betting on sports online.

I’m always trying to add more helpful articles to this section of the site.  Please drop me a line through our contact us page if you have any ideas for an article that would be useful for someone just starting out.

How To Bet Guides for Beginners

How To Understand Sports Betting Odds – If you’re a new bettor this might be the most important page on the site.  It’s absolutely vital that you understand how to read betting odds or you might as well be blindly throwing a dart when making your bets.  The odds are what create the risk vs reward decisions that sports betting boils down to.  On this page I explain the different betting odd formats you will see used in the United States and provide examples to help you understand them.

How Parimutuel Betting Works – An explanation of the betting system typically used for horse racing around the world.  I use examples and answer some basic questions about the parimutuel betting system, which is used in the racebook at each of our recommended betting sites.

How Bonus Rollover Requirements Work –  The most important terms associated with any sportsbook bonus are the rollover requirements.  On this page I look at the different aspects of bonus rollover requirements, outline a typical example and give my opinion on how a normal player should approach clearing their bonus.

Sports Betting By State

The sports betting climate in the United States is confusing at the moment with a lot changing between states in terms of sports betting regulations.

Below I’ve added some state specific pages where I provide a simple 3 step guide for residents of the state to place bets online, touch on the progress of sports betting regulation in the state, and provide a short FAQ with answers to some common questions from bettors in each state.