How To Bet On NFL Football From Georgia – 3 Step Tutorial

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Georgia is a hotbed for football betting in the NFL. The state is home to some of the best college football teams in the country, but the NFL is also huge in the southern state, with the Atlanta Falcons being the state’s NFL team.

Georgia has not yet legalized sports betting, with sports betting bills failing for the fourth consecutive year in 2023. That said, Georgia residents can still place bets through offshore betting sites that accept players from the USA.

Below I will recommend a betting site that accepts Georgia residents, look at some popular bets you can make on NFL games, and provide an easy three step tutorial you can follow to quickly get your NFL bets placed online today.

Where To Bet On The NFL From Georgia

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Everygame is a trusted betting site that has a variety of fair betting lines for every NFL game. They also have the best teaser payouts I have found for NFL, which makes them my favorite sportsbook for NFL betting.

Popular NFL Bets

The three bets that take the majority of betting handle on individual NFL games are the spread, total, and money line. Below I will explain each of these bets using a Falcons vs Packers game from the 2023 NFL season:


The point spread is the most popular NFL bet. The point spread is meant to even the playing field so that there’s a similar amount of action on both sides of the spread. The favorite will have to win by more points than the spread, while the underdog would have to either win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the spread.

In the above example the Falcons are 1.5 point favorites (-1.5), while the Packers are 1.5 point underdogs (+1.5). Bets on the Falcons -1.5 would payout if the Falcons win by 2 or more points, while Packers +1.5 bets would payout if the Packers win the game outright, the game ends in a tie, or the Falcons win by 1.


The oddsmaker will set a total number of points to be scored in the game by both teams combined. Like the point spread, the total is set with the objective of taking a similar amount of action on both sides of the total.

In the above example the total is set at 40 points. Bettors can wager on the over if they expect 41 or more points to be scored in the game, or the under if they expect 39 or under points to be scored.

Money Line

The money line is a straight up bet on which team will win the game. The odds dictate the risk vs reward of the bet.

In the above example the Atlanta Falcons are -130 favorites to win the game. This means every $130 risked on the Falcons would win $100 (payout $230). The Packers are +110 underdogs, which means every $100 risked on the Packers would win $110 (payout $210).


Teasers are my favorite type of NFL bet, and offers some of the best Teaser payouts I’ve seen online, so I wanted to add Teasers to this list of popular NFL bets.

A teaser bet is similar to a parlay in that you’re betting on more than one outcome in the same wager. The difference comes in the fact that you’re adjusting the point spread in your favor, and the payout is set by the sportsbook based on the number of selections and number of points you’re given (not the odds associated with each spread amount).

Here are the payouts for some of the NFL teasers at

  • 6 Point 2-team teaser: -110
  • 6.5 Point 2-team teaser: -120
  • 7 Point 2-team teaser: -130
  • 6 Point 3-team teaser: +170
  • 6.5 Point 3-team teaser: +150
  • 7 Point 3-team teaser: +140
  • 6 Point 4-team teaser: +260
  • 6.5 Point 4-team teaser: +250
  • 7 Point 4-team teaser: +200
  • 6 Point 5-team teaser: +450
  • 6.5 Point 5-team teaser: +400
  • 7 Point 5-team teaser: +350

Here’s an example of a 6 point 3-team teaser at

As you can see the Bills line was teased from -2 to -8, the Cowboys line was teased from -2.5 to -8.5, and the Bears spread was teased from +8.5 to +2.5. All three of the selections will have to win for the teaser bet to payout.

Check out our football betting page for more examples of NFL wagers.

Bet On The NFL in Georgia – Tutorial

Complete this three step tutorial to place bets on this weeks NFL games.

Step 1. Open An Account

Click the above link, select ‘Join Now’ on our landing page, and complete the sign up form to open your Everygame account.

Step 2. Deposit Funds

Next you will need to fund your account with the money you wish to bet on NFL games.

After logging into your Everygame account click on the ‘Deposit’ link in the top menu bar. Click the ‘Deposit’ button for your preferred deposit method, enter the amount, and follow the directions for your requested payment to complete your deposit.

Everygame accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Skrill, Paysafecard, and more.

Step 3. Place Your NFL Bets

  1. Select ‘American Football’ from the sports menu in the Everygame Sportsbook.
  2. Select ‘NFL Lines’ under the ‘United States’ header.
  3. Select the odds of the bet you want to make to add it to your Bet Slip.
  4. Enter your Stake amount on the Bet Slip and click ‘Place Bets’ to lock in the wager.

Here’s a screenshot showing the clicks to place a money line bet on the Atlanta Falcons:

Head to and place your bets.

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